Relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind

My Philosophy

Whether you desire a clinical approach to address chronic pain or a more indulgent experience, I will meet you where you are and assist you in reaching your goals through a comfortable and results-driven experience; underscored by detailed, honest, and compassionate communication.

I will help you embrace the body’s ability to heal itself and achieve or increase health and well-being.


Carolyn Pinnock

Licensed Massage Therapist

 I received my training in Massage Therapy from The Baltimore School of Massage and I hold a B.A. in English Literature from Tuskegee University.

Prior to coming to the massage industry, I spent 20 years in the blood banking industry, the last ten years in Program Development between The American Red Cross and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

After many years of cultivating close professional relationships with doctors, nurses, donors, and a few patients over the years, I developed a keen desire for a different path to assist people in finding a way to better health. It was shortly after that I went back to school.

Through intense continuing education, several years of the high-end spa experience, teaching in the field, and a thriving private clientele, I have practiced massage for 8+ years doing just that!

Significant wellness benefits are realized for our clients using deep tissue techniques, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, cupping, and hot stones.

Welcome to The Urban Unwind, LLC, where my goal is to help you feel the change that massage can have on your mind and body.



“Carolyn is a dedicated professional with magical hands. She will talk to you and find out what kind of pressure you prefer, and what are your pain points and follow up with you during the massage. I would recommend her over and over again….”

– Susan

“Carolyn is one of the most talented and professional massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Regular massage therapy with her has been vital to my health and well-being.”

– Mel Miller

Everything about Carolyn is a 10! My wife and I prefer completely different levels of pressure, and she knows exactly how to serve our individual needs. Not only am I impressed with her service, but she’s just a delightful person in every way.

– Jeff Miller

“Carolyn is wonderful! She always begins by listening to my issues/ needs and focuses her efforts appropriately. She is highly professional and exceptionally knowledgeable about anatomy and massage techniques. She’s the best!”

– Shelley M.

Carolyn got me through several half marathons and two full marathon training cycles injury free. As someone who is active 67 days a week, sports massages are a vital part of my recovery as I added more weights and miles to my regular routines. Carolyn knew exactly what to do to ease knots and tension all over my body with either percussion or heat. After each session, I would come out more relaxed and ready to take on the next challenge in my training cycle. I would highly recommend her!

– Nikkia

After each massage, I receive from Carolyn I feel like a new person. She is incredibly attentive to the needs of her customers and integrates that into her massage practice. Carolyn always knows the new, as well as tried and true, techniques to incorporate and provide a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a rejuvenating, relaxing, massage experience.

– Erica Nielsen

Carolyn Pinnock at The Urban Unwind provides the type of bodywork that has done wonders for my mind, body, and spirit! Carolyn was able to target and remedy the bodily consequences of working in a high-stress environment! I am also convinced that her techniques were key in addressing and improving my frozen shoulder! Her passion for the work is experienced in every session!

– Gail Taylor

“Carolyn provides the best massage I ever had! A truly restorative experience. She understands body mechanics, injury, wellness, and health-related massage therapy and rehabilitation. She is sympathetic to soft tissue needs. She won’t overdo it but will use firm pressure if you need it.

– Madge Bemiss

“Carolyn is a wonderful massage therapist who is not only skilled and experienced but has a warm and caring spirit. I appreciate how she checks in at the beginning of each session to make sure she provides the relief needed in that moment. It is also nice how she is willing to answer questions, educate and make any needed adjustments along the way. I have been a client for more than four years and highly recommend Carolyn!

– Toni Davis


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